The Cogenpac solution is designed for buildings that consume at least the equivalent of 3,000 litres of fuel oil or m3 of gas per year: public buildings, businesses and collective buildings. The MS modules are suitable for this type of infrastructure.

Public buildings

Hospitals, swimming pools, sports centres, schools, universities, barracks, prisons, museums, retirement homes, community centres, etc. Cogenpac GS modules are specially designed to meet the needs of public buildings. This technology makes it possible to meet some of their concerns and specificities: savings, small initial investment (with our leasing formulas) and reduced CO2 emissions.

The companies

Cogenpac's 100% modular solution can be adapted to each company's specific requirements. Besides providing energy at an unbeatable price and in a greener way, the modules can also be used to provide cooling, charge electric vehicles and manage daily consumption.

Collective buildings

The modules can also be installed for multi-unit buildings, such as apartment buildings, which also have significant energy requirements. The boiler is at the end of its life, breakdowns are increasing, repair costs or the investment to install a new unit is extremely high: Cogenpac offers a simple answer to all these problems weighing on flat owners. Installing a module not only saves money and is more environmentally friendly, but with our leasing formulas, no major investments are needed to get started.

Collective buildings
Collective buildings
Collective buildings


Originally intended for public buildings, businesses and apartment blocks, Cogenpac modules have now been adapted to the needs of SMEs and individuals (MS series).

Depending on the power required, but also on the cost and region of installation, the payback period of the investment is very short (4 to 5 years) compared to all other energy purchases.

With the installation of an MS module, you can :

  • Provide heating for a building consuming at least 3,000 litres of oil or m3 of gas.
  • Produce domestic hot water.
  • Heat your swimming pool.
  • Produce your own electricity.
  • Charge electric vehicles.
With the installation of an MS module, you can :
The 5 MS modules

Five modules were made, with different electrical and thermal capacities.


Electrical capacity

Thermal capacity

Cogenpac MS 1

2.0 kW

13.2 kW

Cogenpac MS 2

3.3 kW

18.2 kW

Cogenpac MS 3

4.0 kW

22.8 kW

Cogenpac MS 4

5.0 kW

30.0 kW

Cogenpac MS 5

7.2 kW

43.1 kW


The module is discrete and can be installed either indoors (split model with heat pump separation) or outdoors. Finishes can be chosen for optimal integration into the space. The module is no bigger than a garden shed (floor area of 4.5m2).


The devices in the modules are among the most reliable on the market. An extended 5-year warranty is automatically granted upon signing a maintenance contract of the same duration.