Who are we ?

The Cogenpac project is the result of decades of experience in the energy sector.

Although the project originated in Wallonia in 2016, it is led by Yvon Brasseur, who made a career in the heat pump sector. His professional career has convinced him that energy is the challenge of today and tomorrow! Independent by heart, he has long been studying the energy technologies of the future. It was in this context that he came up with the idea of creating Cogenpac (from which the company gets its name): the combination of cogeneration and heat pumps (PAC). The goal? To combine them in an optimal combination that provides a solution to the problem of energy production, both in terms of financial and environmental impact...

Yvon's first project was to provide a solution for buildings with high energy needs, especially government agencies. In a second phase, the machines were adapted to the smaller needs of individuals and SMEs.

After three years of research and development, protected by three patents, the first Cogenpac module was born. The company went into full operation in 2021 and demand exploded rapidly, at the same time as the crisis in the energy sector (2022).

Today, the Belgian company has just 10 staff and assembles its modules in its own workshops. Several buildings across Belgium are now powered thanks to a Cogenpac module.